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Castle Rock Electric & HVAC Services

Rawhide Electrical Services Has 40+ Years of Industry Experience

For decades, we have been helping homeowners and business owners alike sort out electrical system and HVAC system problems with ease. If you are no longer feeling at home because the lights flicker or the air conditioning unit can’t cool you off, then call our technicians in Castle Rock at (360) 382-1180 today. We keep a flexible schedule and a full team of professionals at-the-ready, so we can have rapid response times to most calls!

Electrical Work Done Right & Safely – Every Time

There is nothing to joke about when it comes to electrical work, like repairs, installations, and maintenance. Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous when done incorrectly. Thankfully, when you choose Rawhide Electrical Services in Castle Rock, you choose a team of qualified electricians who always prioritize safety. You and your family will enjoy the peace of mind you receive in knowing that careful, knowledgeable professionals are on the job.

Some of our most popular electrical services are:

Complete Solutions for Any Heater or AC Issue

Is your heater just moving around room temperature air? Does your air conditioner struggle to maintain a moderate temperature, like 76 degrees? When your home’s HVAC system is acting up, dial (360) 382-1180 to get our Castle Rock HVAC technicians on the phone. With our 40+ years of industry experience, we can quickly identify the issue with your heater or air conditioning unit and get right to work to fix it.

HVAC services that may interest you include:

For Repairs, Installations, & Tune-Ups, Call (360) 382-1180

Rawhide Electrical Services has earned a reputation for honest work done at honest prices. Each time we get a call from a new or returning customer, we get excited for the chance to live up to our reputation and help a member of our community. Whether it is your home or a commercial property that needs electrical or HVAC work, we want to be the team of Castle Rock technicians that get it done.

Let us show you the Rawhide Electrical Services difference. Contact us today.

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