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Longview Heating & Cooling Filter Services

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All heating and air conditioning systems contain an air filter. Typically made of pleated paper or cloth or spun fiberglass material, air filters are responsible for cleaning the air that passes through the HVAC system by trapping unwanted airborne particles. Over time, air filters will become dirty and may even become clogged with frequent heater/air conditioner use. When this happens, they become less effective, which can lead to poor heating and cooling, wasted energy, and other problems.

At Rawhide Electric Services, we offer heating and cooling filter services in Longview, Kelso, and throughout Southwest Washington. Our NATE-certified HVAC techs can help you determine if you need air filter cleaning services or if it’s time to replace your air filter altogether.

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Signs You Need to Change Your HVAC Air Filter

Depending on the type of HVAC system you have, whether it be traditional central heating and cooling or a modern ductless heat pump, you may be able to clean your HVAC air filter or you may have to replace it with a new one. But, how can you tell when it’s time to clean or replace your air filter?

Look out for the following signs that you need to change your heating and cooling filter:

  • Your heater or air conditioner is not working as well as it used to
  • You have noticed unexplained increases in your utility bill
  • The filter itself looks noticeably dirty, clogged, and/or damaged
  • The filter is gray in color
  • Your home or commercial building is dustier than usual
  • Your HVAC system is not heating/cooling your space evenly
  • There is dirt, dust, and/or buildup on or near the filter media
  • Your heater/air conditioner is cycling longer or more frequently than usual
  • Your current air filter is older than one to six months

When included as part of a regular HVAC maintenance routine, air filter cleaning and/or replacement can help you ensure that your heating and cooling system is working properly. Regularly changing your air filter can also help you save money by boosting the energy-efficiency and performance of your system.

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