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Heater Pump Repair

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A properly heated home is important. It not only ensures the comfort of the home, but it is also necessary for safety. Cold winter seasons are hazardous, and if your heating pump is failing or working poorly, your family could be in danger.

Don’t get caught in the winter season with a bad heating pump. If it is showing signs of wear or malfunction, contact us today at (360) 382-1180.

For over 40 years, Longview customers have relied on Rawhide Electric Services for their heating pump repair needs. We are also residents, and we care about the comfort and safety of our neighbors. Our team has the skill to evaluate the health of your heating pump. We can check its efficiency and diagnose its errors. For there, we can rapidly, efficiently fix your pump, keeping it running smoothly.

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6 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

Not all problems with your pump are obvious. If you experience any of the following issues, you may have a malfunctioning heat pump.

1. Contact us today for heater replacement or installation if:

If your heat isn’t running consistently, and it frequently turns off and on, there could be a problem with the blower. There might be a thermal miscalibration, or you could be dealing with a clogged filter.

2. The Unit Freezes Over

A little bit of ice on the unit is normal and expected. Your heat pump has a built-in defroster to manage this. If, however, the coil or the whole pump is iced over, there could be a serious issue. Excess ice can damage the fan blades, fins, or compressor. A frozen unit may be a sign of a broken defroster, relays, sensors, or controls. It could also be a problem with the reverse valve, or you may have low refrigerant.

Sometimes a heat pump freezes over in the summer, as odd as that sounds. In that case, the entire unit could be broken and in need of replacement.

Only a skilled team of HVAC experts can correctly diagnose exactly why your heat pump is broken. Trust us to deduce what’s happening.

3. Your Vents Are Not Blowing Heated Air

This could indicate a problem with the airflow of your pump. Your pump contains a piece called the plenum. It directs heated air to the ducts of the home. Below the plenum sits the limit switch. Sometimes the air in the plenum overheats, causing the limit switch to shut down the whole system. There could be a problem with the belt connecting these two pieces, causing this overheat.

If the airflow is weak, this could be a sign of a dirty, clogged filter. Make sure you change your filter every 30 days. If that doesn’t fix the issue, we can come help remove any clogs that may have developed.

4. The Heat Pump Makes Too Much Noise

This is normally an indication of loose components. If the piece is small, most homeowners can tighten it, easily fixing the problem. If it is a major component, you need the help of HVAC professionals to tighten the unit and fix the issue.

5. You See a Sudden Spike in Your Electric Bill

If the home is comfortably heated, but you’re seeing a massive hike in your energy bill, this could be an indication that the pump is overworked. If you see such a rise in your costs, call our office, and allow us to look your unit over. We may be able to correct the issue, getting your expenses back to normal.

6. There Is Poor Air Quality in The Home

This could be another indicator of a dirty or clogged filter. If the problem isn’t the filter, it could be that the pump is overworked. Parts are overheated, causing a bad odor to enter the home. When changing or cleaning the filter isn’t enough, it’s time to give our team a call.

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