Heat Pump Installation/Replacement


Everyone knows that heating is a necessary part of a functioning home. It keeps your family both comfortable and safe. Winter months are harsh, and without proper indoor heating, people can be at serious risk.

These days, heat pumps are the preferred method of controlling a home’s temperature. Rawhide Electric Services has served Longview’s HVAC needs for over 40 years. Whether you are building a new home or business, or it’s time to replace your current heating system, we’ve got you covered.

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The Function of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps distribute heated air throughout the home by using the natural, ambient heat from outside. Even in winter weather, heat exists outdoors. Only absolute zero produces no heat, and nothing can get that cold.

Heat pumps also work the opposite way in the summer. Just as it can move heat from the outside in, it can also pump hot air in the home to the outdoors.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

Pumps run only on electricity. They do not create heat; they simply redistribute it. Therefore, they do not use gas or large amounts of electricity to work. Heat pumps require just two fans to move air where it is needed. Not only do pumps save money on your energy bills, but they also leave a smaller carbon footprint, making them better for the environment.

Heat pumps require less maintenance and last longer than other heating systems. They are also typically quieter, giving you a more peaceful environment in the home.

Our Evaluation Process

Our team of experts does more than simply install a new pump. We can evaluate your entire home for its heating needs. By studying the weather patterns in your area, we can assess which system will work best for you.

Anything can affect the climate of your house. Its size and shape determine the airflow, making some parts of the home inherently hotter or colder. Your house’s position can tell us how often it is touched by sunlight. Even the placement of your windows reveals how much natural heat you receive throughout the year.

Signs You Need a Heat Pump Replacement

You may not be building a new structure or updating your current system. Sometimes, you need to replace an old, broken heat pump. The symptoms of a failing heat pump are not always obvious. Here are some signs that you need a replacement:

  • The Unit is Freezing

A little bit of ice is to be expected, especially in the winter months. If your entire unit or its coil is icing over, this is an indication of a bigger problem. Left untreated, ice can cause damage to the compressor, fan blades, or fins. There are several possible reasons for this malfunction. You could have a broken defroster or an issue with your reverse valve. There could be defects in the relays, sensors, or controls.

If your unit ices over in the summer, this is almost certainly a problem with the entire unit, and a replacement is appropriate.

  • It Repeatedly Turns Off and On

There could be a problem with the blower. A thermal miscalibration or a blockage might be confusing the system.

  • No Heated Air Is Coming from Your Vents

Inside your system, there is a piece called a limit switch. If surrounding components are overheated, the switch may keep your system from blowing. Sometimes, this can be repaired by replacing a belt. However, the unit could be altogether shot and need replacement.

  • Your Heat Pump Is Too Loud

Pieces can sometimes loosen, causing rattling and vibrating while the unit is in use. Normally, this problem can be fixed. However, left untreated, loose pieces can cause irreparable damage. You could also have a defective unit that needs replacement, no matter how new it is.

  • You See a Sudden Rise in Your Energy Bill
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If everything seems normal, but your electric bill shoots up, this could be the result of a malfunctioning heat pump. It may be working twice as hard to keep your temperature regulated.

For heat pump installation and HVAC services in Longview, trust Rawhide Electric Services. You can schedule an appointment with us online, or you can call (360) 382-1180.

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