How to Increase Energy Efficiency

May 13th, 2023
4 min read

With more time spent indoors, comes an increased demand on your home’s electricity. Think about it. The shelter-in-place order caused an exponential change in not only where we spend our days, but also, more importantly, how we pass the time. We are all plugged-in to our work laptops, our Instagram and Facebook feeds, our Facetime calls with our family and friends, and our nightly Netflix thrillers. We are using our electricity more frequently and for longer periods of time; and, this applies to home features beyond entertainment—our lights and our HVAC systems are also working overtime.

During the day, we are flipping lights on and cranking our heaters to high when they would typically lay dormant. Subsequently, we are all thinking about, and dreading, what lays extra zero tacked on to our usually manageable utility bill.

But, worry not! We here at Rawhide Electric Services have some insider tips that will keep your utility bills low while maintaining a productive and comfortable home for you and your family.

Follow these tips and you will increase your energy efficiency while reducing your electrical costs:

Lighting Retrofits

The number one reason for high utility bills? Outdated equipment. A lighting retrofit will remove any aged-out elements of your electrical system, ridding your network of inefficient components, and replacing them with energy-efficient pieces. This will immediately change the outcome of your monthly electrical costs, as your energy consumption will drastically decrease!

Additional benefits include:

  • Improvements in your lighting design and function.

  • An increased life expectancy of fixtures and bulbs.

  • A reduction in electrical malfunctions.

  • A decrease in labor and maintenance costs.

How do we accomplish all of these electrical advantages? With these retrofitting techniques:

  • Upgrading your lamps and ballasts.

  • Changing your incandescent light bulbs to LED bulbs, halogen alternatives, or CFL bulbs.

  • Installing dimmer switches, motion sensors, and timers to eliminate forgetfulness.

  • Removing unnecessary lighting accessories.

For your home energy usage and lighting assessment, contact a professional lighting technician at Rawhide Electric Services.

Seal Air Leaks

When your home has cracks and holes around your doors and windows, you are letting out all of your HVAC system’s hard work. Your space will not reach your desired temperature, as the heated air, your HVAC system is producing, is quite literally leaking out of your home. This results in repetitive heating, with increased set temperatures, as you attempt to warm your space.

Air leaks are the number one cause for heat loss; however, they are extremely easy to eliminate! Simply install weatherstripping along cracks in your doorways and apply caulking where you notice gaps in your window seals. This will repair your air leaks, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC system.

Install A Smart Thermostat

If you ever question whether or not you turned your heating system down before going to bed, or before you leave for your weekly trip to the market—a smart thermostat is for you. This automatic, programmable system uses motion sensor technology and scheduling to adjust the climate in your home, according to your daily routine. Smart thermostats will optimize your climate control by eliminating the possibility of interrupted heating and cooling cycles.

It is a common misconception that cranking your temperature to a higher number will speed up your systems heating process—it will not. If you constantly adjust the temperature on your thermostat, its heating or cooling cycle will re-start, using more energy to accomplish the same outcome. Install a smart thermostat, and your HVAC system will become the most energy-efficient appliance in your home.

For your lighting and heating needs, contact Rawhide Electric Services at (360) 382-1180. As an essential business, we have implemented safety protocols throughout our institution to ensure we deliver safe care to all of our clients. We are proud to serve our community.