Benefits of a Solar Power System

May 13th, 2023
3 min read

When it comes to your energy—choose renewable. Now more than ever, eco-centric technology is trending! Jump on board and you’ll see how advantageous becoming an eco-friend can be. Here at Rawhide Electric Services, we have witnessed how switching to renewable energy can provide tangible benefits.

Here is how installing a solar power system at your home will change your life:

You’ll Have Complete Control Over Your Electricity

Solar panel installation will provide an invaluable asset to your home—energy independence.

When your city experiences a blackout, your home will remain well-lit, your refrigerator will remain cool, and your HVAC system will remain fully-functioning.

During the day, your home will be powered by the sun; and, by night your property will run on stored energy in your solar system’s battery. The solar panels that are placed on your roof harness the sun’s rays into electricity. Any unused power, generated while the sun is out, will remain in your battery for you to use when the sun goes down.

Additionally, if your home produces more electricity than you consume, you’ll be able to sell your power back to the city!

You’ll Experience Electrical Savings

Electricity costs are unpredictable and ever-rising. Although solar panels cost you upfront, they provide long term savings. With solar panels, you have the ability to reduce your electrical costs, over the course of your systems life, by ten to thirty thousand dollars. And, if you end up creating more electricity than you use, you’ll be able to cut your monthly utility bills down to zero!

You’ll Qualify For Tax Breaks

Why is the upfront cost of solar power systems worth it? Well, apart from the monthly savings you’ll experience from reduced utility costs, you’ll quality for federal, state, and local tax breaks. Here in Washington, you will get back 26% of your solar panel installation cost in taxes under the feral solar tax credit! It pays to be eco-conscious.

You’ll Increase The Value Of Your Home

If you ever decide to sell your current home, solar panels will increase your property value! Solar panels are viewed the same way a renovated kitchen with marble countertops is viewed—upgraded with luxury. In Washington, for a median-valued home, a 4.1% or $15,916 dollar increase in property value is experienced for homes with solar panels versus those without.

For your solar panel installation, contact Rawhide Electric Services at (360) 382-1180. We have implemented strict, safety protocols during this time, and are able to remain open to serve our community.